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Floaters and Flashing Lights

Floaters and Flashing Lights

Floaters are a very common occurrence and the older you get the more floaters you will see. They appear like little worms, or spider web or shadow like things moving around in your vision. Longstanding floaters are fine and never cause any more problem than a nuisance in your vision. New floaters are worth noticing and look to see if there are any other vision changes.

Flashing lights are less common but more important. Flashing light causes can range from visual migraines to a vitreous detachment.

If you are noticing a new floater or a new flashing light that you haven’t seen before, we would like to see you at the practice. Most times it ends up being nothing but age related changes, other times it can be something more serious like a retinal detachment.

At Murray Opticians, if you have the above symptoms, we will offer you a dilated retinal exam to assess your risk for retinal detachment and refer to the hospital if needed.

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