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Retro Glasses Frames – Still On Trend?

Some people will always go for retro or vintage glasses frames because it suits their individual style, but now, retro glasses frames have become increasingly popular with fashion followers too. The question is, are retro frames still on trend?What Is Retro Eyewear?Which eyewear styles can be classed as retro or vintage? Think back to classic Hollywood, the look that movie stars have worn through the decades. Glasses tended to come in a few shapes, each visually bold and alluring. Often preppy, hinting at intelligence and a certain seriousness, frames of the time were a style statement just as they are now.

How do retro glasses frames blend with modern styles? Take Tommy Hilfiger for example, a designer that takes classic vintage shapes and uses contemporary colours and features to give frames a modern twist.

Tommy Hilfiger Designer Frames

Founded in 1984, Tommy Hilfiger eyewear has positioned itself as a youthful brand, but that doesn’t stop it from looking to retro styles for inspiration! Classic frame shapes last the test of time and will always be desirable. Hilfiger has always drawn on classic styles of the late 1960s and early 1970s for its clothing collections, and this has filtered through to the eyewear ranges.

Starting out selling hippy clothes and accessories in a New York suburb when he was just 18, Tommy Hilfiger always had a vision. His plan to design clothes that were great quality, highly fashionable yet reasonably priced didn’t take long to realise. Favoured by many 90s pop icons, the brand went from strength to strength and became known for its cool, youth culture.

While the designs may be retro, the materials are not. When it comes to Tommy Hilfiger glasses frames, innovation is key. The eyewear is created using a material called ECONYL® regenerated nylon in a bid to further its green credentials. Sustainability is important for every business now, and the material lends itself to Hilfiger’s vintage styles perfectly.

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