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How Does Wearing Contact Lenses Affect The Environment?

Calling all contact lens wearers! Did you know that it’s possible to recycle your contact lenses? With the growing concern for our planet, it’s more important than ever to reduce waste wherever we can. In honor of Global Recycling Day, we want to share how you can do your part in protecting our planet by choosing to recycle your contact lenses.

The Importance of Recycling Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Whether you wear dailies or monthlies, you can have a positive impact on the environment by choosing to recycle your contacts instead of throwing them away. Every time you throw your contacts in the bin or flush them down the toilet or sink, they end up as plastic waste in landfills or as microplastic pollution in our oceans. Choosing instead to participate in plastic recycling is a simple change that makes a difference to our earth and ecosystems.

What’s The Problem with Microplastic Pollution?

When your contact lenses are flushed down the toilet or sink, they end up in a water treatment facility, where microorganisms gradually break them down. But rather than biodegrading as organic materials do, plastics become microplastics – tiny particles that eventually end up in the ocean to be ingested by aquatic organisms. These organisms are then eaten by larger organisms, and the microplastics make their way up the food chain, causing serious damage to marine animals’ digestive systems.

Make a Difference with Contact Lens Recycling

We all have a part to play in reducing plastic pollution. The amazing thing about recycling your contact lenses is that the plastic can be turned into a variety of items, including plastic timber and even outdoor furniture. Cutting plastic waste is something we are all responsible for. Together, let’s help our planet thrive.

Contact Lenses for You

We are proud to say that all the contact lenses we sell at Murray Opticians Drumchapel can be recycled. If you’re interested in ordering contact lenses online or would like more information on the different types of contact lenses available, you can find helpful information on our website. Please also feel free to contact us for more information on contact lens recycling or with any other questions you may have.