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Tom Ford: Contemporary and timeless eyewear

We recently introduced a collection of Tom Ford eyewear in our store. Since their creation in 2005, these designer glasses have taken the fashion world by storm. Read on to learn more about Tom Ford frames and their timeless appeal that makes them the perfect eyewear choice for 2022. 

All about Tom Ford 

Tom Ford glasses for men and women have been a beloved fashion accessory for over 15 years. Each frame is adorned with the trademark ‘T’ at each temple and crafted with exquisite attention to detail. Made in Italy, the fine craftsmanship is apparent in the eyewear’s quality, durability, and aesthetic. Each pair is composed of premium materials such as acetate and titanium. With the perfect blend of vintage glamour and contemporary chicness, Tom Ford eyewear is the perfect accessory for every look. With a timelessness that looks beyond fleeting fashion trends, there’s no doubt that Tom Ford frames are a long-lasting investment and an invaluable addition to your eyewear collection. 

Perfect frames for you

Tom Ford eyewear comes in a variety of designs and styles – all of which are as fashionable as ever in 2022. For women, the cat-eye frame oozes vintage elegance while the oversized oval frame proves that boldness never goes out of style. Butterfly frames lend a touch of youthful playfulness to every look. 

For men, square style spectacles offer a stylish flair to every outfit. Pilot style glasses, with their bold frames, are still every bit as fashionable in 2022 as they were in their heyday. You can also opt for a browline frame that lends an added touch of sophistication to every face. 

Browse our selection

If you’d like a pair of Tom Ford glasses of your own, or would like more information on this designer brand, please get in touch. Our friendly staff would love to help you find the perfect pair of Tom Ford eyewear for you.