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Polarised Lenses Explained

If you love spending time outdoors, sunglasses are a great way to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. But to take protection to the next level, polarised lenses are the way to go. Read on to discover the additional benefits of wearing polarised lenses and the factors that make them the ultimate UV protection sunglasses.

What Are Polarised Lenses?

Polarised lenses are an enhanced sun solution. Not only do they protect your eyes from UV rays, they also eliminate bright horizontal glare from reflecting on surfaces such as roads, water, and snow.

How exactly do they do this? Unlike typical sunglasses, polarised lenses have a special coating that filters light. Because glare is typically horizontal light, polarised lenses block it and only allow vertical light to enter your eyes. With the horizontal light blocked by polarised lenses, reflection from glare is prevented from shining directly into your eyes.

Benefits of Polarised Lenses

By eliminating glare and reducing reflection, polarised lenses make for a more comfortable visual experience. They also lessen eye strain, offer enhanced contrast, and provide clearer vision in bright light. They’re the perfect choice for people who enjoy spending time in the great outdoors and soaking up the sunshine such as golfers, boaters, fishers, and hikers.

Disadvantages of Polarised Lenses

Unfortunately, there are a few situations where wearing polarised lenses may not be the best choice of eyewear. For example, polarised lenses can make it difficult to see your phone, or other LCD screens. They should also not be worn in low-light situations or at night.

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