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Children & Teens

Children & Teens

Children and Teen Contact Lenses

How old does a child need to be to start contact lenses? It used to be said they had to be over 16, mature and able to take care of their lenses. Fast forward to today, based on research, children as young as 7 can be safely fitted and taught how to insert and remove their lenses. The maturity rule still applies though, and this is something we can understand during the consultation if a child is ready for contact lenses.

In general there are 2 main types of wearing schedules, daily disposables and monthly disposables. As the name suggests, daily disposable lenses are disposed of every day, which means any problems are also thrown away, and is the safest wearing schedule to have. Monthly disposable lenses, are used on a daily basis, and cleaned before and after using. They are disposed every month and a new lens is worn the following month. These have a great safety profile, and we supply the solution for cleaning the lenses as well.

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