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Ray-Ban – A Timeless Classic

Ray-Ban has been making iconic sunglasses since the 1930s, but what makes them such a timeless classic? We’re taking a look at the famous brand and its instantly recognisable style.

Ray-Ban through History


Ray-Ban first created their anti-glare glasses for US Air Force pilots to stop them getting headaches from the sun’s glare while they were in the air. Those early Aviators were such a hit that it wasn’t long before they were remodelled and sold to the public. Pilots continued relying on Ray-Ban’s great technology and when military style became fashionable in the 1940s, Ray-Ban made the jump to become a part of pop-culture fashion.

Hollywood Style


With James Dean wearing Ray-Ban Wayfarers in Rebel Without a Cause, the style soon became another fashion staple. The likes of Audrey Hepburn, Robert De Niro and Bob Dylan sported various Ray-Ban styles, cementing the brand’s iconic status even further.

Keeping Up With The Times

Ray-Ban prescription glasses launched in 2003, giving even more people a chance to wear their timeless styles. Despite the continued success of their classic models, the company never stopped developing. As technology moved forward, so did the frames and lenses. Their iconic designs have been revamped a number of times over the decades to ensure they utilise the latest in optical advances.


People demand greater choice these days, and Ray-Ban certainly offers that. Their classic styles are still available but with numerous iterations, so there’s always a style to suit everyone, whether you’re after Ray-Ban prescription glasses, or sunglasses.

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