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Tips on How to Stop Glasses from Fogging Up

All over the country, glasses wearers are struggling to keep their specs from fogging up while wearing a face mask. We’ve noticed there have been all sorts of solutions popping up online, including using soapy water, shaving foam and even toothpaste! So, our expert optometrists have decided to settle the matter once and for all and guide you through our most reliable tips on how to stop glasses from fogging up.

Keep Your Glasses Clean

Glasses cleaning

Forget the dish soap and swap it for a verified spectacle lens spray and microfibre cleaning cloth. Fogged up lenses may partly occur if you haven’t cleaned your lenses in a while and there is residue build up on them. Using a lens cleaning spray and cloth to give them a good wipe can temporarily help prevent the moisture from sticking to them as you’re breathing in and out.

A Well-Fitted Mask

Well Fitted Masks

The fit of your mask will make a difference to the amount of air that escapes upwards from your nose and mouth. Make sure your mask fits snugly – it should ideally be moulded to fit the shape of your nose to minimise air gaps. If the ear loops on your mask are loose, try twisting them to form an ‘X’ before looping them over your ears to help make it airtight around the sides too.

Adjust the Position of Your Glasses

Try moving the mask further up your nose and your glasses further away from your face, so you can rest them on top of your mask. This means that any air that does escape from your mouth will be less likely to get trapped between your face and glasses lenses.

Anti-Fog Lenses

The best way by far to prevent your glasses from fogging up is to invest in anti-fog glasses. Our primary, trusted lens supplier, Essilor, now offers an advanced anti-fog solution called Optifog. The lenses have a special coating which, when activated with a special smart textile cloth, prevents them from fogging up during the day. There are other benefits to Optifog lenses too – they offer UV protection, are anti-reflective, dust-resistant and help to reduce scratches.

Book an Appointment

We’re happy to announce that we are now open for routine appointments again, so if you’d like to discuss ordering anti-fog glasses, contact us to book an appointment at Murray Opticians, Drumchapel, Glasgow.