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Tips on looking after your eyes this winter

Winter can be challenging for our bodies, and we must not neglect our eyes during these cold months. As we inevitably spend more time indoors, the risk of infections increases, and illnesses like the flu can affect our eyes and lead to conjunctivitis. However, one of the most common conditions during the winter is dry eye.

What causes dry eyes?

Winter typically increases dry eye syndrome, where the cold, wind and heaters/air conditioning can absorb the moisture from your eyes. It’s worth noting that certain medications, e.g. the contraception pill, can cause dry eye as a side effect. A dry eye can cause your eyes to be red, itchy and have an uncomfortable grittiness. Typically, the best treatment for dry eyes is eye drops, more stringent eye hygiene and prescribed medication.

Top tips

We’ve compiled our top 5 tips for keeping your eyes healthy this winter.

Moisture, moisture, moisture

While much of the UK will be cold and damp this winter; specific environments can be dry and unforgiving. Your skin may dry out, and the lubricating tears that form a thin layer over your eye do too. Using eye drops or a humidifier can help this.

Screen time

With the harsh weather, it’s more likely we’ll all spend more time in front of screens. Extensive screen time can tire our eyes and cause headaches – be kind to yourself and take regular breaks.


If you are an avid contact lens wearer, it might be worth switching to your glasses if your eyes feel uncomfortable.

Eat well

We are what we eat, a cliché but true! Your eyes will thank you for a wholesome diet and plenty of water. Shades on

The angle of the winter sunlight and the reflection from wet roads or snow make it difficult to see and increase UV exposure. The sunlight is just as damaging as summer, so we recommend sunglasses to protect your eyes from those harsh UV rays. 

Opticians in Drumchapel

Our opticians at Drumchapel are dedicated to providing quality care for the surrounding residents, including dry eye and red eye assessments. If you have any eye problems this winter, please get in touch and book an appointment today.